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New! Points to earn cash back for your referrals

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We are building a new system that will allow you to earn points for sending your extra booking requests to other owners.  We will be implementing this in the upcoming days. 

Basics: Each time you send a referral on VR Referrals, you will earn a point.  Points will count toward a cash back and you will receive payments from us for your referrals.

How To Use Articles To Promote Your Vacation Rental and increase bookings

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Writing and submitting articles about your vacation rental is probably the cheapest and most cost effective form of advertising that can help increase traffic and bookings.

Article writing increases traffic to your listing as it is picked up by several travel and vacation websites and blogs through RSS (really simple syndication) feeds.  Adding vacation rental articles helps to create quality back links to your property listing or website, which is important in increasing organic web traffic (search engine optimization - SEO).

Once your article is published you can promote it through your blog, on Facebook, Twitter and / or on your own website.

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