Steam: The New Hot Holiday Gift

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(NewsUSA) - No matter what gift you give a friend or loved one -- a new set of golf clubs, a gold necklace, a teddy bear -- it's going to need proper care and cleaning. So why not give them a way to care for their present?

Whether you give a stylish sweater or a new recliner, a steam cleaner or steam iron will clean, deodorize and disinfect without using harsh chemicals. Steam cleaners generally produce steam that is 220 degrees Fahrenheit or more at the tip. When the steam meets a surface, it penetrates its pores and breaks the bond between the surface and any dirt. Because the steam is so hot, it also kills mold spores, dust mites and bed bugs and bacteria.

Reliable Corporation ( names some ways that steam cleaning can help you or your loved ones take care of your gifts:

* Keep allergies under control. Do you know someone getting a new pet? Steam cleaners can remove pet odors from furniture and sanitize litter boxes. They're especially useful if someone in the home has allergies as the steam removes allergens like pollen and dander, and kills others like mold spores and dust mites. The EnviroMate Tandem Steam/Vacuum from Reliable is unique in that it can be used to steam clean and vacuum, allowing users to clean, deodorize and sanitize even the most soiled areas and items.

* Keep clothes looking their best. A compact vapor generator iron will freshen fabrics without chemical detergents, fabric softeners or wrinkle removers. One such iron is Reliable's Velocity V50. It uses patented technology to create continuous volumes of steam even at low temperatures to make quick work of wrinkle removal. It does double duty as a fabric steamer when turned vertically.

* Keep kids healthy. It's no secret that children spread germs throughout the house. Toys, especially, can pick up bacteria as children take them around the house and yard or share with playmates. With a steam cleaner, parents can quickly sanitize toys and carpets where a vacuum would simply remove surface dirt. Steam cleaners can also disinfect surfaces like kitchen counters without using any chemicals that could be harmful to children.

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