Marketing Tips for Vacation Rental Owners

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If you are a Vacation Rental Owner, check out our section "Articles and Tips for Vacation Rental Owners - How to Market Vacation Properties" to find some useful tips and ideas.
We recommend that you bookmark the above page as more articles and members submitted tips will be added to this section.

Tips on How to Market Vacation Rental Homes Online

Having a Vacation Rental Home and being able to successfully rent it on short term basis not only can help with bills, but it can also add up to a nice income!

According to United States Travel Association:
"Ninety-three million U.S. adults – and counting -- reported using the Internet for travel planning purposes in 2010. And why did they use the Internet? To book travel, yes. But the greatest benefits to online travel planners can be summarized as “evaluation,” “involvement,” and “expectations.” These are only three of the findings presented in the 2010 edition of the Travelers’ Use of the Internet."

In another publication "Impact of Travel on State Economies 2010" U.S Travel Association reports : "In 2009, domestic travelers spent $610.2 billion in the U.S and international visitors spent $94.2 billion”

Vacation Rental is a great alternative to a hotel, because it provides travelers with additional comfort, homey feeling, and in general the cost of renting a Vacation Home is lower or at least comparable to a hotel, ...with no guests in the room next door! " Read More...

Creating Vacation Rental Listings and Websites to Market Vacation Rental Homes Online

In this article you will find more details on how to create your own website and Vacation Rental Listing to successfully market your Vacation Property.

When you create your Vacation Rental listing, focus on quality photos and detailed description.  Meta tags, keywords and title are also very important.

Most of the time, when adding a listing to Vacation Rental Directory site, you do not have control over the Meta Tags and Keywords (all explained below) of your listing page.
However, you should know that when you list your Vacation Rental Property on VR Referrals, you CAN set your own Meta Tags and description on your Vacation Rental listing page.

Great thing about having your own website is that you are in total control of it.  But "having" a website is not enough, you still need travelers to find it!

So how do you build a website that others can find?  Read More...

5 Tips for Links to Your VR Web Site

Promoting a VR web site is a constant struggle. One big struggle is getting the site found on the web. Search engines and links from our directory listings are the most popular ways to push traffic to our sites. Some folks will tell you that Link Building is the answer. While it is certainly true that link-building is good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to be sure that you’re exchanging links with quality, relevant sites.

Link-building is all about getting INCOMING links. Search engines don’t care much about outbound links. Also, you need to be careful of the quality of those links. Incoming links from low quality web sites, as considered by the search engine, can actually lower your ranking in that search engine.  Thus getting a reciprocal link from another vacation rental in some other country may be easy, it’s not relevant.  Nor will the link from the link farm site (that spammed you with a reciprocal link request) do anything for your site rankings

So how do you get quality INBOUND links?  Here are 5 quick tips:  Read More...

How To Use Articles To Promote Your Vacation Rental and increase bookings

Writing and submitting articles about your vacation rental is probably the cheapest and most cost effective form of advertising that can help increase traffic and bookings.

Article writing increases traffic to your listing as it is picked up by several travel and vacation websites and blogs through RSS (really simple syndication) feeds.  Adding vacation rental articles helps to create quality back links to your property listing or website, which is important in increasing organic web traffic (search engine optimization - SEO).

Once your article is published you can promote it through your blog, on Facebook, Twitter and / or on your own website.

On VR Referrals, all members can add vacation rental articles free of charge.  Each author has their unique page which lists articles submitted by them with an RSS feed.  What makes this service unique from other article submission websites is that articles submitted must relate to vacation rentals or travel.  This helps to keep articles more organized for search engines and puts more weight on the subject of vacation rentals and / or travel related tips.  Read More...

Why Create your own Vacation Rental Blog? Tips and Blog Ideas

Having a Vacation Rental Blog can help you market your property online and get more bookings.
Some of the main advantages of having your Blog are:
1. Use your Blog to drive additional traffic to your website or Vacation Rental listing(s) - increase your bookings
2. Inform visitors and guests about recent changes to your rental property
3. Attract visitors interested in the local events near your Vacation Rental.

Writing a blog can be a challenge, especially when you first start one.  Here are some tips and ideas you might want to consider.

  1.  Updated photos or videos of your property, close ups or new additions will add more interests in your rental.  If you added new features to your property or changed something, write about it and add a photo/video.
   2.  Add lots of information about the local area, links and travel resources.  Read More...

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