Vacation Rental Property Owners - List your property AND get referrals!


Vacation Rental Owners:

Need bookings?  Not only can you list your property with us, but also communicate with other Vacation Rental Owners that can refer guests to your property!
Refer guests to other Vacation Rentals when your property is booked and make cash.  Connect in one place to give and get bookings!  Share ideas and tips.  Make extra money with referrals and with our Affiliate Program.
Use Mulitple Tools to advertise your Vacation Rental Property! In addition to Referrals and adding your Vacation Rental listing, you can create your own Vacation Rental Blog, add Articles or Vacation Rental Classified Ads to further market your property online.



Vacation Rental ReferralsDo you ever get reservation requests when your Vacation Rental is already booked?
Do renters ask if you know of another place that might be available when yours isn't?
Do you often not know who you could refer them to?

  • Do you ever hear back from them?
  • What if you could make extra $ when you send your visitor to another owner?
  You may be asking yourself:  "Why would I want to refer anyone to other Vacation Rental Owners?" or "Wouldn't this hurt my own business if I sent people to other properties?"

It appears that way at first, but if you have been renting your property for a while, you might agree with our way of thinking. 

We feel that when Vacation Rental Owners help each other it's a WIN WIN situation for everyone!


 If you get reservation requests for dates that are filled or need extra bookings, use our site to:
- Get extra bookings by listing your property.
- Connect with Property Owners.  Share ideas and tips.
- Make $ by sending extra reservation requests to other owners.
- Fill up your empty days with referred bookings.
- Affiliate Program: Earn extra $ by inviting other Owners to join.
- Add your own Vacation Rental Blog, and write Articles, to further market your Vacation Rental, free of charge.

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How can you benefit from joining our site?  

FREE 1 Year (Basic Memb.) to first 5 members of each region!
NO commission or booking fees from your online listing!
3 Membership Types to fit your budget.
Just one booking can more than pay for your annual fee!
Receive Payments for your referrals
Earn extra cash by inviting other owners to join us!
Get extra bookings from other owners in your area.
Receive automatic email notifications about extra reservation requests.
Easily connect with other Vacation Rental Owners.  Talk about rentals, share ideas and tips.
Add a Blog to further market your Vacation Home.
Write Articles and enjoy free advertisement with your Author Bio information (optional).
  We can create your listing for you!! (No charge)

Your listing will be placed in multiple categories (Country, State, Region, City) and visible to our site visitors who might be interested in renting your property.
If you get requests for dates that are not available, refer your visitors to other owners and benefit from owners sending bookings your way for the dates you need to fill.

When Vacation Owners work together it benefits everyone:

Vacation Rental Referrals

  • Your visitors are happy because they found a place to stay.  They will most likely remember your effort to help them find it.
  • The Owner that you referred your visitors to just got their property got booked.
  • You make extra cash for your referral and for helping someone!
  • You can fill up your dates when other owners have extra reservation requests.
  • Most of the time when your rental is not available, and you can't recommend another place in the area, you never hear from the renters again. They simply move on to another listing.  If the referral is successful, you and the other owner just managed to keep the visitor in your area!  They will most likely want to visit back in the future.  Chances are, they will book from you!

VR Referrals brings Vacation Owners together in one community, to help each other, share ideas, pass on reservation requests and get bookings that fit their individual property needs.



Referrals- Basic, Premium and Gold Members Only)

  1. Visitors that are interested in renting in your area can contact you directly about your rental.  You communicate with renters.  We do NOT charge any commission or booking fees!!! You keep your rental income!
  2. In addition to having your property listed, other members from your area can contact you whenever they have extra booking requests.
    You will receive automatic emails that you can respond to.  Members can also contact each other by using personal contact forms on profile pages or by sending private messages using our site tools.
  3. Whenever you get requests for dates that are already booked you can forward them to other owners and get paid for your referral.
    When you use our site to notify owners about your extra bookings, owners from your area will receive an email with details that you provide and can respond to you if they need to fill their dates.
  4. Discuss vacation rentals with other owners, share ideas and tips to help you succeed.
  5. Make extra cash by inviting other owners to join us using our Affiliate Program.
    That's right!  We will pay you for every person that joins us through your invitation ($20 per paid member)!
    Use our site tools to invite other owners to join us, or simply place your custom affiliate link on your own website.  Our affiliate program will track members that joined through you link placement or invitations and you'll get paid for each member.
  6. Add your own Blog to VR Referrals and write Articles to further market your vacation rental property!

All in one place!

We'll provide you with simple tools to connect & communicate with other Vacation Rental Owners.

Not interested in all the features that we offer?

It is up to you how little or how much you want to participate in our community section.
You can simply create your Vacation Rental Property Listing and not participate in any other section of our site.



Vacation Rental ReferralsNeed another reason to join us?
If you do not get a booking (through your listing or referral) within your first year of membership, we will renew your listing FREE for the following year, or refund your money (less $25 service fee).

Our Guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions listed below:

  1. You must contact us within the 15 days prior to the end of your membership to request a refund.
  2. Conditions/Qualifications: One Guarantee offer is available per member (regardless of the number of accounts used by the member).  Valid only on first year memberships at full price (not valid for discounted memberships). Valid for the owner of the vacation home only (not valid for property managers).  Not valid if the property is sold during the listing period.  Not valid if you received any affiliate payment(s) from us or referral fee(s).
  3. To qualify, members must meet the following additional criteria:

    • Your Property must be available for rent at least 8 months during the 12 months listing cycle
    • Rental rates and all other fields must be completed within 10 days of joining us.
    • You must have 8 photos of your property uploaded to your listing
    • Listing must have at least 200 words of property description.
  4. All refund requests are subject to verification. We will not verify any request that we believe, in our sole discretion, is made fraudulently or in bad faith. Verified requests will receive a Paypal payment for the amount of membership, less $25 processing fee, within 15 days of verification.
  5. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue our Guarantee or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you. The terms that are in effect at the time of your listing will determine your eligibility. Our failure to enforce any provision of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.


Listing Options Comparison Chart
(First 5 members of each State/Country region:
Get Basic Membership Free for the first year!)
Join Now
Join Now
Join Now
 Listing fee $149/Year $95/Year $69/Year
 Number of Listings Included per Account 2 + MoreAdd more than 2 properties
(per year/per listing): $25
($15 if more than 10,
$10 if more than 25 properties)
1 1
 Property Photos per Listing UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 8
 Earn  Cash BackEarn Points. 2 points = $1.  Earn up to 50%off your Membership Fee each year! for sending ReferralsYour Extra Booking Requests Yes Yes Yes
 Use our Affiliate Program Send other owners to join us and earn $20 each time to make extra $ Yes Yes Yes
 Send/receive Automatic Referral Notifications Yes Yes Yes
 Add Members to "Friends/Location Buddy" Yes Yes Yes
 Use Message Boards & Private Messages Yes Yes Yes
 Receive Verified Owner Seal** Yes Yes Yes
 Link to your website and/or external calendar Yes Yes  Yes*
 Add  Embedded Video to your listing Yes Yes Yes
 Property Reviews on your Listing Yes Yes  
 Listings sent to FB & Twitter Yes Yes Yes
 Have us create your listing for you! Yes Yes Yes
 Add Articles to VR Referrals Yes Yes Yes
 Create your own Blog on VR Referrals. Yes Yes Yes
  Join Now Join Now Join Now
First 5 members of each state region - get Basic Membership Free for the fist year!
Our Guarantee: If you do not get a booking (through your listing or referral) within your first year of membership, we will renew your listing FREE for the following year, or refund your money (less $25 service fee).

* Note: To add a link to your website or External Availability Calendar on your Basic listing, a Link back to VR Referrals Network is required.  When you join us you can take advantage of our affiliate program and add a referral link instead of regular link and make $$ from your link!!   You can also use one of the badges from our links page or use your Verified Owner Seal.

Tip: You don't have to link to our Home Page. Feel free to link to your VR Referrals Listing or to your VR Referrals Blog when you link to us from your Website.

**VR Referrals Verified Owner VR Referrals reviews every submitted listing before approval. As a member you will be able to use the Verified Owner seal on your web page and in your emails.
We will also add the seal and Verified Member Verified sign on your VR listing.
By placing the Seal on your website and using it in your emails, each potential customer can verify that you are a trusted vacation rental owner that has been reviewed and rated by an independent source.

Please contact us if you are interested in listing more than 2 properties with us for a custom quote.