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 Listing fee $149/Year $95/Year $69/Year
 Number of Listings Included per Account 2 + MoreAdd more than 2 properties
(per year/per listing): $25
($15 if more than 10,
$10 if more than 25 properties)
1 1
 Property Photos per Listing UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 8
 Earn  Cash BackEarn Points. 2 points = $1.  Earn up to 50%off your Membership Fee each year! for sending ReferralsYour Extra Booking Requests Yes Yes Yes
 Use our Affiliate Program Send other owners to join us and earn $20 each time to make extra $ Yes Yes Yes
 Send/receive Automatic Referral Notifications Yes Yes Yes
 Add Members to "Friends/Location Buddy" Yes Yes Yes
 Use Message Boards & Private Messages Yes Yes Yes
 Receive Verified Owner Seal** Yes Yes Yes
 Link to your website and/or external calendar Yes Yes  Yes*
 Add  Embedded Video to your listing Yes Yes Yes
 Property Reviews on your Listing Yes Yes  
 Listings sent to FB & Twitter Yes Yes Yes
 Have us create your listing for you! Yes Yes Yes
 Add Articles to VR Referrals Yes Yes Yes
 Create your own Blog on VR Referrals. Yes Yes Yes
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First 5 members of each state region - get Basic Membership Free for the fist year!
Our Guarantee: If you do not get a booking (through your listing or referral) within your first year of membership, we will renew your listing FREE for the following year, or refund your money (less $25 service fee).

* Note: To add a link to your website or External Availability Calendar on your Basic listing, a Link back to VR Referrals Network is required.  When you join us you can take advantage of our affiliate program and add a referral link instead of regular link and make $$ from your link!!   You can also use one of the badges from our links page or use your Verified Owner Seal.

Tip: You don't have to link to our Home Page. Feel free to link to your VR Referrals Listing or to your VR Referrals Blog when you link to us from your Website.

**VR Referrals Verified Owner VR Referrals reviews every submitted listing before approval. As a member you will be able to use the Verified Owner seal on your web page and in your emails.
We will also add the seal and Verified Member Verified sign on your VR listing.
By placing the Seal on your website and using it in your emails, each potential customer can verify that you are a trusted vacation rental owner that has been reviewed and rated by an independent source.

Please contact us if you are interested in listing more than 2 properties with us for a custom quote.