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Use Verified Owner Seals or Badges to link to Vacation Rental Listings, Articles & Blogs

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Did you know that you can link to your Vacation Rental Listing pages, Articles and Blogs using any of the badges on our Link To Us page?
It's easy! Simply replace the code with your own URL to point to your listing pages, Articles or Blogs.
Feel free to display the badges on your own website or in your emails.
Several sizes are available.  Here are some examples taken from the page:

IMAGE LINK For Authors:
<a href="http://www.vacationrentalreferrals.com/usernews/YOUR_USER_ID_HERE"><img height="60" width="234" src="http://www.vacationrentalreferrals.com/sites/default/files/bannercreator-nu2.gif" alt="View My Articles on VR Referrals" /></a>

My  Articles on VR Referrals

<a href="http://www.vacationrentalreferrals.com/blogs/YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE"><img height="40" width="400" src="http://www.vacationrentalreferrals.com/sites/default/files/bannercreator-nub1.gif" alt="My Blog on VR Referrals" /></a>

My Blog on VR Referrals

IMAGE LINK For Vacation Rental Listings:
<a href="http://www.vacationrentalreferrals.com/YOUR_LISTING_URL_HERE"><img height="60" width="468" src="http://www.vacationrentalreferrals.com/sites/default/files/bannercreator-nul3.gif" alt="My Vacation Rental Listing on VR Referrals" /></a>

My Vacation Rental Listing on VR Referrals

In addition, if you are a Verified Vacation Rental Owner, you may use VR Referrals Verified Owner Seal in your emails or website to add more trust.

VR Referrals Verified OwnerBy placing the Seal on your website and using it in your emails, each potential customer can verify that you are a trusted vacation rental owner that has been reviewed and rated by an independent source.

To get the code for your badge, log in to your account, click on "Edit" and follow the links to "Verified Owner Seal".

- VR Referrals Team

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