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VR Referrals newsYou can now view and/or subscribe to the latest news related to Travel and Home from all over the web, right here on VR Referrals.
Latest Articles are added several times a day, so be sure to bookmark the pages or subscribe to the RSS Feeds.
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When does your Vacation Rental listing move up on the listing pages?

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Did you know that each time you update your listing we will move it up on the corresponding listing category pages?
We feel that it's good to show new and updated information first, and therefore each time you update your listing we will move it up the list on corresponding listing category pages.  Feel free to take advantage of this and update your Vacation Rental listing(s) often.
Your listing also moves up the day you renew your membership with us.

NEW! Add your Articles to VR Referrals! Free advertisement opportunity.

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Authors add your articles free

Do you like to write?
In addition to having your Vacation Rental listing and your own Blog to further market your Vacation Home, you can now add Articles to VR Referrals!
This new feature is available to all Vacation Rental Members (paid and free).
If you do not own a Vacation Rental, but would like to submit your articles to our site, you may do so by creating a Free Author Account.
Articles submitted must relate to Vacation Rentals and/or Travel.
View Article Guidelines
Benefits of submitting articles to VR Referrals include:
1. Free advertising
Your author bio (signature) can be used to promote your own website. In addition, you are allowed to add up to 3 links per article. Even if you don't have a website, your signature can include your business and contact information.

Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Tweet" Buttons added to your Listing pages and Blogs

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newsToday we added Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Tweet" Buttons to your Vacation Rental Listing pages and Blogs!
The "Like" button lets visitors share your content with friends on Facebook. When the visitor clicks the Like button, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your Vacation Rental listing page, or your Blog post.
"Tweet" button lets visitors share your content on Twitter without having to leave the page.

Creating Vacation Rental Listings and Websites to Market Vacation Rental Homes Online

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In part one ( Tips on How to Market Vacation Rental Homes Online ) we talked about the basics of how to market your Vacation Rental Home.
In this article you will find more details on how to create your own website and Vacation Rental Listing to successfully market your Vacation Property.

When you create your Vacation Rental listing, focus on quality photos and detailed descriptionMeta tags, keywords and title are also very important.

Most of the time, when adding a listing to Vacation Rental Directory site, you do not have control over the Meta Tags and Keywords (all explained below) of your listing page. 
However, you should know that when you list your Vacation Rental Property on VR Referrals, you CAN set your own Meta Tags and description on your Vacation Rental listing page.

Great thing about having your own website is that you are in total control of it.  But "having" a website is not enough, you still need travelers to find it!

So how do you build a website that others can find?

Tips on How to Market Vacation Rental Homes Online

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Vacation Rental Homes marketingHaving a Vacation Rental Home and being able to successfully rent it on short term basis not only can help with bills, but it can also add up to a nice income!

According to United States Travel Association:

Ninety-three million U.S. adults – and counting -- reported using the Internet for travel planning purposes in 2010. And why did they use the Internet? To book travel, yes. But the greatest benefits to online travel planners can be summarized as “evaluation,” “involvement,” and “expectations.” These are only three of the findings presented in the 2010 edition of the Travelers’ Use of the Internet.

In another publication "Impact of Travel on State Economies 2010" U.S Travel Association reports :

In 2009, domestic travelers spent $610.2 billion in the U.S and international visitors spent $94.2 billion”

Vacation Rental is a great alternative to a hotel, because it provides travelers with additional comfort, homey feeling, and in general the cost of renting a Vacation Home is lower or at least comparable to a hotel, ...with no guests in the room next door!  Quite often a vacation rental will feature more amenities and features, such as more space, fully equipped kitchen, DVD library, books, etc.  Not to mention the outside yard or a grill that guests can use.  Since Vacation Rentals can range from budget studio apartments to expensive private villas, the biggest advantage of renting a Vacation Home most likely is that Vacation Rentals offer the advantage of experiencing how life in one's destination is truly like for the locals.

How do you market your Vacation Rental so that travelers actually know about it?
There are few choices that Vacation Rental Owners can pick from when considering marketing their Vacation Home.

NEW! Vacation Rental Owners can now have their own Vacation Rental / Travel Blog!

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VR Referrals Members update.
We have just added a new feature to VR Referrals - Members Blogs

We are excited to announce that VR Referrals Members (Paid Memberships only) can now have their own Blog on VR Referrals!
Having a Blog adds many advantages in promoting your Vacation Rental, especially if your Blog resides on a Vacation Rental Directory site.
Write as much and as often as you would like about your Vacation Rental by adding multiple Blog Posts.  Your Blog will have it's own unique name and URL address. 
You can edit your Blogs name and description by editing your profile page.
Once you activate/create your Blog, we will also link to it from your Vacation Rental Listing on VR Referrals.

Use your Blog to promote your listing, write about recent updates or changes to your rental property. 

Quick way to find Members in your area and your local forum.

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In case you did not notice, there is a link on your Profile Page to your Local Forum and to a List page with Members from your Location.
Visit your Local Forum to post your extra booking requests (all Members from your area will get an automatic e-mail with copy of your message and they can reply to you from their own inbox, if they are interested), or visit the "Members from your Location" page to contact them directly.

Facebook and Twitter!

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We are finally on Twitter and Facebook!

Please feel free to join us

Follow VrReferrals on Twitter

Add a Video to your Vacation Rental Listing!!

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is a worth a million!!!  If you have a video of your Vacation Rental Property, you can now add it to your listing page!
Simply enter the URL of your video when editing your Vacation Rental Property Listing.
Add as many videos as you want by clicking "Add another item" when editing your page!

We hope that you will enjoy sharing your Vacation Rental Property Videos! 
Here is a preview of how the videos will look: (We like this one!.. Please watch it till the end )

See video