Taking a flight with your toddler – A complete guide

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Many couples start getting jitters when it comes to flying with kids. While it is challenging enough to travel with your children onboard, there are certain things you can do to make your journey hassle-free. Right from choosing the most appropriate seats to taking entertainment items onboard, you can easily keep your child indulged in various activities on flight. Here are some tips to make air travel a lot easier especially when you have kids.

Book flights carefully

Don’t book your flight tickets haphazardly. A thorough research on the internet will let you book the right ticket. Watch out for timings as well. It’s OK to get a red-eye rather than getting those annoying looks from fellow passengers when your kid does not sleep and howls at the top of his/her voice. Consider http://www.flightnetwork.com/ for booking flight tickets. It helps save a ton of money and time besides getting you the best travel deals.

Use SeatGuru.com for choosing seats wisely. Next, it’s better to buy a ticket for your toddler rather than encountering inconvenience. Search for airlines that are more kids-friendly. For instance, United, SouthWest and Delta give more priorities to families so that children get settle easily onboard. Virgin Atlantic offers special children menus and free amenities. Book non-stop flights in accordance with the sleep pattern of your child.

Know the TSA policies

TSA has to check every passenger that boards an airplane, irrespective of the age. Therefore, get acquainted with TSA policies that deal with screening children. Also, find out what’s the limit for carrying liquids, gels and aerosols.

Role Play

Children, often, get nervous when it comes to boarding their first flight. The best thing to do is start preparing them. For instance, you could ask your child to be a flight attendant or a pilot. Such role games help your children know what exactly happens on a flight and prepares them better. Besides this, you could explain to them the wonders of flying and what new things they will be exploring like setting-sun, clouds etc.

Carry gadgets, books

Make sure you carry gadgets including a portable DVD player, iPad, and tablets to keep your child engaged. Furthermore, you can also carry trunkis, notebooks, color pencils, and story books to make their journey more interesting. Take an empty bottle and ask your kid to decorate it with stickers. A great way to while away his/her time. Pack your kids’ bag with games and toys to keep them busy. Lastly, also take a pillow to make your child more comfortable.

Don’t forget to take medicines

Make sure you have a box of medicines onboard. You never know when your toddler might get in-flight sickness. Also, don’t forget to take toilet soap. Before boarding the flight, take light meals otherwise it may lead to motion sickness. If your child is prone to in-flight sickness, consider buying a seat above the wings. It provides stability.

Food & sweets

Take plenty of snacks and sweets onboard along with a mineral water bottle. Give your kids a sugar-free lollipop or sweets during take-off and landing to distract them. A box full of raisins also does the trick some times.

 ‘Aeroplane Police’ might help you

Warn your children of ‘Aeroplane Police’. This tricks works for most of the time. Ask them to behave properly or else they won’t be allowed to fly. Be careful and don’t scare them. This trick is, especially, for those who have naughty kids.

Special care for children with disability

If your child has a physical disability, make sure you inform the Transportation Security Office about this. Keep your child informed about the screening process he/she has to go through. It makes the entire process stress-free.

Preventing ear pain

Take-offs and landings can cause ear pain which might be unbearable for your toddler. Always keep ear drops to avoid this situation. The air pressure changes in the cabin causes pain and to prevent this give your toddler a lollipop. Apart from this, you can give him/her some crunchy snacks to chew. Encouraging the toddler to yawn also helps deal with ear pain.

Air travel with kids is never easy. However, with the above mentioned tips, you can easily manage your kids onboard and have a comfortable journey.

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