How To Use Articles To Promote Your Vacation Rental and increase bookings

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Writing and submitting articles about your vacation rental is probably the cheapest and most cost effective form of advertising that can help increase traffic and bookings.

Article writing increases traffic to your listing as it is picked up by several travel and vacation websites and blogs through RSS (really simple syndication) feeds.  Adding vacation rental articles helps to create quality back links to your property listing or website, which is important in increasing organic web traffic (search engine optimization - SEO).

Once your article is published you can promote it through your blog, on Facebook, Twitter and / or on your own website.

On VR Referrals, all members can add vacation rental articles free of charge.  Each author has their unique page which lists articles submitted by them with an RSS feed.  What makes this service unique from other article submission websites is that articles submitted must relate to vacation rentals or travel.  This helps to keep articles more organized for search engines and puts more weight on the subject of vacation rentals and / or travel related tips.

When writing your vacation rental articles, utilize “keywords” to increase your efforts with the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Think of terms a property renter may enter when searching for a vacation rental, such as “Luxury Poconos Home”. 

Include your keywords in the title and throughout the body of your vacation rental article for maximum exposure and to increase organic search engine rankings.

You do not need to be an expert writer, just write at least 4 articles annually and talk about your vacation rental or the area where it's located.  Talk about local restaurants, unique shops or shopping opportunities, hidden treasures, etc.  By writing about your region, upcoming attractions or events, you will drive traffic to your web site or listing.
To make your vacation rental article visually appealing include a quality photo with your article.

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VR Referrals ( ) offers multiple tools that vacation rental owners can use to advertise their vacation rental properties.  In addition to regular vacation rental listings, members can refer their extra booking requests, connect to share ideas and tips, create their own vacation rental blogs, add articles and / or vacation rental classified ads.

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