How To Reduce Kitchen Energy Usage In A Apartment

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The kitchens in some of the apartments in Waukesha are very functional. They include modern appliances and ample counter space. It is easy to get carried away creating recipes and cooking large meals in one of these kitchens. It is important to note that kitchens do consume a large amount of energy in relation to the other appliances in the apartment. Renters in Waukesha can help to reduce energy usage when cooking in the kitchen by following a few simple tips.

The act of preheating an oven before cooking has carried over from previous centuries where wood or coal needed to come to temperature over a long period of time before being ready. The modern ovens available in some Waukesha apartments become hot very quickly. A large amount of energy can be saved by not preheating the oven before placing food on the racks. This is especially true when dealing with foods that cook for a long time. The only exception is when a recipe calls for a very hot oven to start. This is often the case when making breads or other baked goods.

Many recipes require mixtures of foods to be cooked and then cooled completely before being incorporated into the rest of the dish. Some cooks in Waukesha have taken to placing hot dishes in the refrigerator or freezer in order to speed up the cooling process. Placing a hot dish into the refrigerator can increase the air temperature dramatically forcing the appliance to use extra energy to cool the interior. This could affect the food already in the unit and might even trigger the development of bacteria as the temperature slowly drops back down to the correct level.

The burners on a traditional range generate heat that transfers to the bottom of a pan and then transfers to the food. One way to save energy is to make sure that the pan fits the size of the burner underneath. Pans with a base that is smaller than the burner will only receive a portion of the heat that is generated. The rest of the heat will travel into the air around the pot and will not heat the food. This wasted heat means that it takes longer for food to cook resulting in more energy or fuel usage.

Sometimes the best way to save energy in the kitchen is to consolidate recipes and cooking steps. Many apartments in Waukesha have the counter space necessary to prepare food for multiple recipes at once. Several techniques will save energy in the kitchen. Place multiple dishes in the oven at once in order to avoid running the stove for long periods of time. Use steamer racks in a single pot to cook multiple items like vegetables. Try to use as few pots as possible in order to save energy running extra burners and dishwasher loads later.

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